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Wildlands Mission Briefing Video out now

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These types of trailers make me less interested about the game.

I  understand you have to appeal to the "i wan explusions" demographic, but a bit of, hey old-school GR fans, there is a game here for you too!! Wouldn't hurt.

And the cringe-worthy voice-over.. "Yo gotta THINK!! You gots to be strategic"!!

Oh really?Well, good golly, i'd never.... Thanks Diana... (i think her voice sounds like Diana from the Hitman games)


Thanks for the video Rocky :)

Dont forget to sign-up for the BETA fellas, as of right now it appears down, but i will try to get a key for it, best way to judge a game is to play it.

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US version here:

And regrettably everything SCAgent says and worse; this is so below the basement sophomoric -- I'd be embarrassed to buy it in a brick and mortar store without a hyper-active eight year old in tow.

This reminds me of 'let's psyche up the retarded children' speed/spam hyper chase cut scene marketing crap from EA's Battlefield Hardline. The early beta was nicely executed with some very original game features (later considered too challenging for individuals with IQ's smaller then their shoe size) and nicely paced where robbery foot chases were difficult, tense, suspenseful, tactical affairs -- rather like scenes from the movie Heat.

The finished game literally obliterated over a dozen cool design features, was sped-up into a neck down speed/spam twitch shooter worse then Call of DooDoo that EA was pushing as 'The fastest Battlefield game evar! '...  And it was, and the least played and most panned Battlefield game, 'Evar! '.



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I knew from the start it was more or less a cross between Crackdown and MGSV, with a Clear and Present Danger premise. For what it's worth, that's acceptable to me, crappy Ubisoft marketing notwithstanding.

I never had any illusions this would be the second coming of tactical shooters and mark a revival of the original tactics-heavy Ghost Recon. Let's look at Rainbow Six, for instance. It's a great game, but after 3 the series began to change and Siege bears only some vague resemblance to what Rainbow Six used to be. I mean, I loathe e-sports outside of watching EVO, and that's blatantly what Siege went for, but I ended up liking it.

Likewise, Ghost Recon has changed enough with each iteration that no single one holds the claim to the series' soul or identity, though the first one is still the best.

I want this to be a good game with the Ghost Recon name that does well enough to create a niche, even if it's not the one we want most.

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I'm gonna be the devil's advocate and say it was better than the other ones they've pumped out. it sets the scene really well, you know where you are. 

If i was given the briefing audio alone, no car chases and explody things, I'd say the setting is actually quite feasible, it's realistic, it's not the same old USA vs Russia mumbo jumbo and the whole drug cartel scene is happening right now, but probably not exactly in that way. 

Ubisoft has never been great with marketing, i'll always use their outright lies and that god-awful Coco trailer to highlight that. 

As with 101459, I probably would be a little embarrassed to pick it up in store. And as usual I always wait for impartial reviews to come out before I make my decision on whether or not to buy it, I've never bought into the pre-order bull unless it was to get a free shirt or two 

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At the risk of sounding like a sweaty, fedora-wearing neckbeard, I really don't care what people think of what I buy in GameStop. If I really don't want to seem too dudebro I'll wear the One Punch Man t-shirt I got at Phoenix Comic-Con to balance things out.

Also, I'm going to take part in any beta I can so I can make an informed decision. I bought the Division and the season pass based on the open beta and I don't regret it, because the game is actually getting better.

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