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File Explorer in Windows - looks different?


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Ever looked at something and thought - that's changed, but you cant put a finger on whats different, exactly?

Thats me right now looking at windows file explorer. It looks like its had a makeover  to look like the flat design you see in MS word and Excel etc. But I can't recall changing anything here, did I press a button by mistake, or was t an update in the background?

I can't recall what it looked like before which is frustrating me although I kind of think the Back and Fwd buttons were bigger (like in a internet browser), now they are just small arrows...

Anyone else noticed this, or able to explain this other than me going senile?



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Well Rocky, if you're talking about this ... I guess is because that's what's trending now, and they always know what we need :whistle:. In Windows, I mainly use 3dr party File Explorers, those with at least 2 panes. My favourite right now is Q-Dir. Oh, and about your last sentence, maybe you're right too :), it will happens to all of us.



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