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Ghost Recon's 15th Anniversary Tribute Art Contest


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Ghost Recon's 15th Anniversary Tribute Art Contest



On today's occasion of Ghost Recon's 15th anniversary, we're happy to announce GhostRecon.net holding a prize contest open to anyone, worldwide. Paying homage to our favorite game's unique history, we ask you to submit self made creative works that honor the Ghost Recon game series, its makers, its community, maybe even this web site. We want you to let your inspiration flow and come up with any art form for any game in the series, even Wildlands, that may serve as tribute to our beloved Ghost Recon, whether it's

  • a simple drawing or painting on a piece of paper or done on your computer,
  • photograph,
  • screenshot,
  • wallpaper,
  • web site banner,
  • forum avatar or signature,
  • a poem,
  • short story or other written work,
  • a song or other musical arrangement,
  • a movie clip e.g. of gameplay or machinima,
  • a mod or other kind of game addition like e.g. a 3d model or texture pack.

Basically anything you create can apply. Whatever is your chosen art form, skill level, or field of expertise, you decide on the medium to use. All we ask is that your work relates to the Ghost Recon game series (from the original up to Wildlands) in a creative way, and that the work you submit is your own. Entries may be the product of collaboration with others, as long as all participants are credited.

Contest winners are chosen by GhostRecon.net staff based on a work's creativity, relevance, execution, and community spirit. The contest begins today and lasts until December 20th, so you have five weeks to submit your entries in this forum thread e.g. by embedding or linking your work (e.g. YouTube, file sharing sites, etc.) Contest winners should receive their prizes just in time for the holidays. Prize details will be determined shortly, but we can already tell you that there will be some nice goodies among them...


Submit self-made Ghost Recon tribute artwork and win amazing prizes!





Steam Ghost Recon Complete Packs 

We have EXCLUSIVE GhostRecon.net Steam Ghost Recon Complete Packs 

not officially available anywhere elsecontaining all of the Ghost Recon games shown above,

including Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, which you can't even buy on Steam!

A unique chance for the full Ghost Recon collection in your Steam library!



GhostRecon.net's Ultimate Ghost Recon Mod Collection & Watch

All Ghost Recon, GRAW, and GRAW2 mods, plus countless extras, on a slick 64GB USB 3.0 stick,

and a special Ghost Recon watch we stole retrieved acquired from Rocky's personal Ghost Recon vault!


gr patch small.png             tshirts small.jpg

Ghost Recon Insignia Patches & T-Shirts

so you can show the world your allegiance to our King of tactical shooters!



and some super-secret Ubisoft-sponsored surprises

which may or may not contain... wait, it's supposed to be a surprise!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Now go and be creative! Good luck to all participants!

Long live Ghost Recon!





1. Open to everyone
2. Entrants must post their submission in this competition thread in the forums
3. Closing date for entries is 20th December 2016
4. Two entries per person maximum. The entries posted at midnight on 20th Dec '16 will be the versions judged.
5. This competition is run by GhostRecon.net, a Ghost Recon fan site not affiliated to Ubisoft
6. T-shirts may differ slightly from those shown
7. Winners will be selected by a panel of non-entrants selected by and including site administrators


Contestants (as of 12/10/2016)

Current entries will be listed here for an overview of competing contestants.

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41 minutes ago, Zeealex said:

I'm a very restless artist who's constantly making changes to stuff, would modified versions of the same entry still count as one entry?

You can withdraw/invalidate an old entry and replace it with a new one. In the end you can have no more than 2 valid submissions.

6 minutes ago, squad_e said:

Can i submit one of my remixes then?... Awesome ..

Yes you can, and should! :)

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Okay, I'm not done yet, but the general consensus of it is there, so. 

(Ultra High Res)


from this concept:

Development Gallery Here I highly recommend checking it out, it's not comprehensive but enough to get the idea. and every image has little tidbits of info in them, worth a read if you want to know more about the thought process :)


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