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Another thing Ubisoft doesn't appear to be 'talking about ' much is Wildlands AI.  I hope that like coop seeming to be quick and dirty solution to address Ubisoft's apparent refusal to do anything about the horrible networking, cms, and mms middleware the company has strapped it's games to for the last decade -- that the 'Drug Cartel' theme is not a similar cover for the same old, poorly executed, ghetto path-node AI that seems to roll little more then 'zerging ' zombie robots. 

It will be a real eye-roller if Ubisoft rolls a 'zombie dlc expansion ' -- if they go that far with the derivative, copy-cat dreck  they might as well try to trademark 'Santa Muerta' cartel zombie religion: Tom Clancy's Santa Muerta Zombie Apocalypse™ Deluxe Edition With Fashion Barbie Apocalypse Character Customization Pack... 


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