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Stealth Gameplay Footage

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I really liked this!

This is more like a team tactical approach than any other video released so far.

Can you imagine playing that for the first time and wondering, hey, what if we take that truck and just drive in there? Would that even work?

That would be hilarious. I hope they build in clever stuff like that to all the missions.

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The truck thing actually seemed to be unscripted so I assume it'll work for a wide variety of missions.

Hopefully there won't be any sort of insta-fail, forced stealth missions added to the mix. These are the worst types of missions that your typical Ubisoft sandbox game churns out.

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Still not for me, Ubisoft have essentially merged Splinter Cell / Rainbow Six  and Ghost Recon into , "Generic Ubisoft Shooter game".

Bring back hardcore tactical shooters where you get punished for doing the smallest things.

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