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a new current review of wildlands

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NSFW, some language*** But this guy gives a review of the current state of the game 6 months out and acknowledges the time left to polish the game but explains some of what i have mentioned about the game engine being reused and dumbed down. I'm not getting excited about this title at all and shows in game footage issues and covers why the game thus far is being totaly "hyped" when we should be asking, this is what they came up with so close to release. He gives conjecture to this game going gold about December possible if the release is March 2017.

to me all the in game footage reminds me of the mechanics of "the division" and splintercell combined. But all the footage is from in game (June 14th) hopefully this hasn't been posted yet. forgive me if it has.

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in relation to Wildlands, from reviews of what I've seen pre-release and release, UBISOFT downgrades everything. I have a video to submit as evidence to show what you see in the trailers is hype and will be changed for the worst. in video ,  all settings  are set to high to ensure the best graphics possible. I'll venture to say Wildlands will  get the same treatment. so be careful in the way you see UBISOFT games in general because they alway polish the pre-release trailers then downshift for the final release.


Published on Jun 4, 2016

Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller. Enable annotations if you don't know which footage is E3 or retail. Watch dogs 0:26 - The Division 2:33 - Rainbow Six Siege 5:58 - Far Cry 4 9:47 - Far Cry 3 12:20


 second video link: Here

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Never quite understand them, I guess they have 'just' that level in that state to show off? And the rest is what we really get, I mean if the game is in the state they show in showcase videos, 'vertical slice' (Fk u Randy Pitchford) why go to the trouble to downgrade it, unless it actually was never in that state they just spruced up that particular level, then again if you have created all the assets and the lighting to boot, why not use it. Confuses me :D

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I don't think most Ghost Recon fans really care if the game gets cosmetically 'downgraded' -- I think they care about: game design, functional realism, depth of play, and decent infrastructure under then game in net code quality, and render engine stability.  Even 'downgraded' most Ubisoft games look at least 'good enough' -- but without exception for over a decade fall down miserably with respect compelling game play that's on-canon with a particular franchise, and has decent code under it.  

Like every Ghost Recon game before this one I WANT TO BELIEVE this will finally be a good game, offer something that harks back to the seminal work of Red Storm, but I don't think GTA V with a Ghost Recon and Far Cry paint job with hollow two dimensional 'objectives', to grind useless ugly gun paint jobs and fantastic new costumes for my virtual 'Rambo Combat Barbie' are going to win me over. I really hope there's more to this then 'Rambo Combat Barbies' shoot legions of stupid drug villain zombie botts for pretty new costumes...

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