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Burners Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay Analysis

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I could play and enjoy in it's current state but would prefer if they added the hardcore elements.


And some of us are now 50+ and still play, we have more money to spend on your products now if you give us what we want. 

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I think on the DLC side as well, I've not watched it all the way through yet so i'm not sure if you've mentioned it or not, mods often work alongside the DLC, and require DLC, some of the best mods available for Ghost Recon 1 required both expansion packs, and some of the best mods for Arma 2 required combined ops. and I know for an absolute fact that the EXACT same thing is going to happen with Arma 3 APEX. 

DLC doesn't become just extra options when used within a moddable game, it becomes a platform for modders to make so many new things, and it also becomes 'free advertising' so to speak. 

for example wasn't a modder back when I played A2, I relied on other people's mods to make my experience a good one, and for that, more often than not i saw awesome addons and terrains that needed Operation Arrowhead, rather than sit here with mods that didn't look nearly as awesome as the stuff available for A2:OA, i went and bought OA, BIS made some money, and I was able to get the best possible selection free user content. 

the exact same can be said for Ghost Recon, some really cool looking mods were available for GR, but required DS and IT to work, so I went out and bought the gold edition. I'm a happy camper, ubisoft got their money. 

long story short, if you make your DLC more than just a few skin mods here and there, if you give your DLC extra mechanics, extra models, extra meaning than just a reskin, people will use this platform to branch out from there, and you may well find yourself actually making more money with a couple of good, solid expansions sold for £25 than a pink weapon skin pack for £2.99


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Same way with Morrowind. Tribunal and Bloodmoon were absolutely essential for mods because they added new features and a lot of mods depended on their resources.

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Kind of wishful thinking but the idea of Ubisoft remaking OGR with most its gameplay design kept intact but with some modern tweaking welded onto it, like character customization and first-person iron sights is something I'd like to see in the future.

It'd kind of make permadeath more impactful.

EDIT: Of course, charactersmith is most certainly going to be a cash cow for Ubisoft. Want that nice set of plate carriers available for your squad? Too bad, you gotta shell out $4.99!

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I think an old school/hardcore mode would be very cool. I think something along the lines of Perfectionist difficulty from Splinter Cell: Blacklist would work out great!. Or perhaps just have loads of UI options to play around with. 


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