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Just wondering if this will have the normal Ghost Recon PvP or will it have The Division type PvP which would ruin the game for me. I've played Ghost Recon since the beginning OGR will remain the best followed by GR2 and the GRAW series. PvP took a hit with the release of Future Soldier which is the only game i hated out of every GR game. Broken DLC (didn't even get to play all the maps in both ps3 and xbox360 editions) and instead of 8v8 it was 6v6 which is more tactical yes but 8v8 worked! Some of my best multiplayer gaming sessions involved full days and nights of user created created full rooms. GR2 comes to mind.. Quarry and Pagoda were the only maps to get played full nights.. Amazing with a group of players you play with all the time. Ghost Recon Wildlands looks amazing.. But those of us playing on console will find a different gaming experience with graphics that no-one has seen yet.. Graphics for me isn't the big draw, as i would still play the GRAW series on 360. There has to be a 8v8 PvP for me. Sharpshooter, LMS, Blind Siege are what makes Ghost Recon. Still looking forward to the game but I'm more interested in the PvP element. Hopefully they'll have it in place as the dark zone in The Division is crap tbh.

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They have no divulged any PvP info yet other than an unverified comment made at E3 that PvP info is coming.

You can rest easy though, it will not be like the Division :o)


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