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Hello there!

I've got some questions that I'd love if you more experienced GR players can help me with.

1. The mod that add most guns, kits and maps to GR is Heroes Unleashed, or there is another mod that has more content?

2. Does Serpentine Dream Theory add more guns, kits and maps to Heroes Unleashed? Are there other mods that do the same? What is the optimal priority order I should put them?

3. On Multiplayer > Server Edit, what is the loadout option I must choose if I want to have access to most kits? Because "COOP/Joint" seems to have the same kits as "All equipment".

4. Are there mods that make the Game Menu run in bigger resolutions?


Thanks in Advance for the help =}

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1. I doubt it. P2 has all of kits but I think HU beats it. Compare the .kil files(used in MP for loadouts) of each. Opens in Notepad.

2. Serpentine Dream Theory has a .kil file called Serp_no_restrictions.kil. Compare it to HU .kil files.

3.I know I'm sounding like a broken record, compare the .kil files.

4. I have not seen a mod that increases the resolution.

Cheers Mate.

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