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I am creating this thread for members who can relate on Android games.

I played a lot of these games on my android phone.

Below are the games I played and placed my opinion.

I encourage to share yours.

1. Plants vs Zombies 2

Status: Uninstalled

Played a lot of this before got a lot of expansions. EA rode the popularity of the original game. Uninstalled this because it really need a lot of space

2. Zombie Tsunami

Status: Uninstalled

Fun to play at the start until I lost interest. I love the physics of this game.

3. Iron Man 3

Status: Uninstalled

Played this game until I got all the armors. It uses the gyro of my phone. It needed a lot of game time.

4. Marvel War Of Heroes

Got tired of the unending card upgrades.

5. Breach And Clear

Status: Installed

Great game, the only android game I bought so far. classic rainbow six like planning for android. If you love rainbow six, you will love it.

6. Marvel Future Fight

Status: Installed

Currently playing this game, the stages maybe repeating, but I love the way you build(upgrade) your characters and it's multiplayer component.

7. Ghost Recon Network

Status: Uninstalled

Great simulation of GR FS weapons. I uninstalled it because it lags on my old phone. I will try installing it again on my new phone.

8. Assasin's Creed Unity

Status: Uninstalled

Only tried if I can have free UPlay points for my account. hahaha

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