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Hard Drive Trouble...nope

Dark Ranger

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well i had some issues with a volcano i was using and since the missus has banned me from the pc store for awhile i had to put the standard heatsink and fan back on, i was looking at the small pathetic thing and was worried , stupid tho it probaly is it just doesnt look up to the job of cooling an athlon.

so i installed it and believe me my main hate of the gigabyte mobo is the way they make you install the heatsink im not sure if its the same on other models they make but its turned thru 90 degrees on the ga-7vax it was a choice of either removing the psu or removing the mobo as the clasp part of the heatsink sits right under the psu pain in the assets im telling ya, so anyway as i has it apart i figured i might as well get rid of some of the fans and wires make some room thats why i made the metal plate and changed the fans around i was pleasently surprised when i fired her up at how quiet it all is now tho i can ehar air moving i found myself looking in the side just to make sure the fans were actualy moving , my temps are good the top blow hole does get a bit warm when the psu second fan kicks in but so far its actualy staying cooler than it was before.

my one other thought was that as this psu has two fans in it and one is right above the cpu would it be worth while turning it upside down and cutting another blow hole in the top that would give a clear way to the thermasticaly controled fan, opinions plz

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Yeah, my socket is the same... had to remove my psu to install the heatsink. Most manufacturers do this though, so it's a common problem. If you decide to get a new heatsink, try a thermalright. I have nothing but praise for them.

Actually, cutting a hole or series of vents in the psu cover is a good idea and will help keep it cool. Just be sure to place a fan guard over a hole if you go that route so people won't accident stick their finger in it and get shocked.

Stinger: 92mm won't fit my heatsink without some sort of reducer, so I opted for the 80mm.

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