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Diaz- Remastered (WIP)

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Hey guys! i'm not sure if i showed this or not, so meh. 

I took Diaz from Ghost Recon 2 and remade the model from the ground up using her concept and ingame screenshots from project novo, however I mostly wanted to follow the concept... this was a long time ago and the model looked mediocre at best, no proper highpoly normals, and was a rush job.

I took another look this evening, put it into Zbrush and baked some proper maps, and below is what I now have

she's still a heavy WIP, but the face has come out really well i think.





I will probably redo the vest at some point it looks a little shabby presently, and get her some hands and feet, then rigged, skinned and posed into a scene. 

Hope you like it! :D


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Awesome zee. 

Morph the face rig?!? Please.


Colored lenses IRL are not used. Creates an issue in color perception which makes it harder to detect minor color changes.

I.e. finding a sniper.

Dark, smoked, mirror (not as much due to reflection, clear are used though. :)

Side note. Scope Lense flare is absolutely a real thing in real life. I had a 240 gunner completely blow his position during training because he took the aparture gril off his Elcan. 

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haha, thanks man, looking back on it though, I could improve it so much if I started it right now... , think I could get one pumped out in 9 days? I could skin wrap her to one of my college models and VOILA! facial rig! 

I'll change her lenses too, I was just following her concept and original designs, which had tinted lenses :)

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Not entirely, i still maintain the idea that they are used. just not often :)

I know for a time in the british army persimmon lenses tend to be popular but not in blazing daylight, as they'd hurt your blooming eyes.


Normally used for low light situations as theyre contrast enhancing.

And when browsing for replacement lenses for my Ballistic M Frames yellow was apparently a standard issue lens for low light or situations where  high contrast was needed.


###### if you use UCP I dont think youre really gonna be worried about yellow lenses blowing your cover somehow XD

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