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How do I install mods in GRAW2 ? My rig is Win 10, I've not got any Mods folder showing in my GRAW folder on C:\ . initially.after install.

So I have tried using JGSME which works on other games and creates a Mod folder, in the Main GRAW folder.

Then one puts unzipped folders into the mods folder after which one has to open the Desktop shortcut to JGSME 

This is where the mod shows in a Left panel, usually moving it over to the right panel activates the mod

I thought this would work. It hasn't. Itried putting it in the 'Local' folder , no good, 


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I have lost my ability to play this game.  I have downloaded the latest launch program and get an error message "unhandled exception has occurred" with the following "access to path c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts' is denied".

I would like to get back into playing again and any help would be appreciated.


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