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If you want a gaming rig, forget laptops. Even the best ones have graphics capabilites/speeds that are equal to desktop cards around 2 years old.

Otherwise, it's based on how much you want to spend. Check Newegg.com for component prices. As far as AMD/Intel choices; AMD offers a chip comparable to Intels at a lower price, and is worth up to $80 savings at the 2500XP/2.5ghz level.

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We don't really know what he wants to do yet...never mind the RAM. ;)


I agree with RooK on this. Laptops weren't designed for gaming. It sucks too much system resourses, and most laptops don't have 'em. I whole-heartedly recommend building a good desktop machine for gaming, and whatever else you need to do.

If you seriously want to buy a "gaming" laptop, check out Alienware.com for some fancy 'puters. *WARNING* - They are expensive.

Let us know what you decide, and we can offer more assistance if needed. :)

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I recently built my first computer with a lot of help from the people here (Thanks DarkRanger, WhiteKnight, and a lot of others). It was really easy to do. I used newegg. I found they had good prices and they have a GREAT reputation. See my sig for the rig I put together. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.


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I gotta repeat what was already stated. General laptops aren't really made for gaming. If you want a gaming laptop, I would agree with DR, Alienware is the way to go, but your gonna spend at least $3000 for it. A homemade desktop will run $1000 at most depending on what you want and what all you are gonna have to get.

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