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Just wondering...would it be an idea to declare a certain day Ghost Recon day? Have servers up and running for 24 hours, reunite with old friends online on various TS channels and in game. Celebrate the game, the good times, and still the hope that one day the game will be just revamped.

Just an idea!




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Mods, date, servers and any other stuff to be announced soon. Probably keep amount of mods limited so everyone can jump in.

Currently also reaching out on Steam to various GR communities. Thanks for the positive vibe so far. No Fear!

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I'm on there and they have some people hosting games. Think it's mainly shooter and Rabbit atm.

I can host games using Evolve, you can find me on the GR Hideout Discord (link above) or my personal Discord.

Main mods used on GR Hideout are Heroes Unleashed and Cloak-and-Dagger v2. There is a download link for Cloak-and-Dagger on the mods section, but it's for v1.3 (old).

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