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Sony's Virtual Reality Kit UK Price announced


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The problem with this is kind of like Kinect, at first it was fun, but generally gamers and pretty lazy and like sit comfy to play games and control all sorts of magical on screen wonders by just moving their thumbs a few millimetres, now thats magic!


So I'll probably get one, and I expect to be impressed initially, but I'll probably get bored of standing in the middle of the room for most of the evening....


Hope I am wrong though!


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I practically cried when I saw ace combat 7 was coming out for it, that, in VR would look AMAZING!! I just hope Ace 7 is more back to its roots and not the disaster masquerading as an Ace combat game that was Assault Horizon. 

definitely saving up for one or getting it out of next years college bursary! 


@Rocky, you can sit down and play it :)

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