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Thinking about retexturing


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And so, the high-resolution texture is good. But when I looked Project Novo, I had a feeling of dissonance. Yes, it looks nice, but unrealistic. The original game will still look better. And I tried to make a texture, but without losing the spirit of the original game.







One evening of work


What looks better?



And more comparisons in the same sequence:






Ground textures:







Well, the bullet holes:








It makes sense to work in this direction?

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Over the last 3 years I've looked back on Project Novo and I've thought similarly to you, 15 year old me made some dumbass moves in that project for sure, there's a lot of things I'd do differently now that I'm older and more skilled and similarly to you I do believe novo breaks immersion in a lot of places. 

I've wanted to go back to it, but I've just not had the time or motivation, so for sure you have my 100% support on this, your version retains the feel of GR quite well, feel free to use any novo textures as you see fit, rough em up a bit give them the Ghost Recon treatment they deserve, I think I might still have some PSD's somewhere too if you'd like them. 

I may come out from under my RHS rock and make some pretty textures for IT as well. 

I'll leave my voice of (slightly pessimistic) reason at the door for now, and I'll wish you all the best! 


EDIT: wait, has it been longer than 3 years? the numbers aren't adding up, I was 15 when I started it I think, but i'm turning 20 in three months *shrug* maybe i was 16...

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One thing I noticed was the ground textures in the Novo images of each set. The the first and third seemed to have more distinct textures, though not necessarily low quality. But the Novo screenshots in each set looked very bland and uniform, almost like whoever lived in that house was raking up all the twigs, fallen leaves, and uneven patches of dirt so their lawn looked nice. While the original and your work had more "irregularities" in the ground.

What came to my mind was the difference between macro-patterns and micro-patterns in camouflage. Older camouflage patterns generally work better at a certain range, but too close and one sees what they are, and too far away they blend together. Novo ground textures look like a pattern optimized for closer ranges, but then you get close and there's almost no contrast at all (sort of like the temperate digital camo Russian Ground Forces wear).

The new bullet holes on metal surfaces look like the metal is warped from the impact, and the concrete bullet holes look like the shot just pockmarked it or didn't really penetrate. The wood decals also look less like a recolor and more like what was shot has distinct physical properties compared to metal or concrete. I also really like how you put some dirt on that road, as if some rain fell not too long before and washed some onto the road. While it certainly wouldn't fit in urban areas, in non-arid rural areas it seems just right.

Overall, I think you're doing great.

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I will try to bring to the end, but I not promise)

I think the most important thing is the border of different textures. What would it look natural, they should be smooth. What I did on the rocks and road. And it just gave an interesting view of the game




Zeealex,  thank's, your job will help me)


To TJbrena

You're right about the macro and micro)

About bullet holes, I am an instructor for combat shooting) We shoot a lot on different materials) And I tried to make in game the most similar to the real holes.

This is metall for example:



In game, as in life, the concrete does not penetrate. I think it is right.



And wood)



Or I misunderstood) Therefore, show photos of the holes that you believe to be correct. And I was able to fix the texture.



Sorry for bad english)

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So.... Red Square...


I think the developers really didn't like the citys. They are so bad in the game, so bad ...

I tried as best I could. (At this moment, only ground textures are replaced.)













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Textures are restricted to 2048 x 2048, and I quite agree, they are terrible!


The best way to do them IMHO is to construct them all from the ground up and try to make them remotely similar to the old ones.


They're all on the same texture sheet which sucks, but it's understandable considering the age of the game (back when 80gb HDDS were a thing) you can certainly get textures with a lot more clarity if you reconstruct them


One I'm back up and running on Friday, (PC died) I'll take a look at a few for ya.

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