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Island Thunder 2 in Arma 3

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Welcome to Island Thunder 2: Operation Powder Burn.


Tanoa, the world's fifth poorest country, has become a textbook example of a Pacific Island "narco-state." Situated on the west coast of South America, its relative proximity to Colombia, its unpatrolled coastline, islands and islets, and the fact that the majority of the natives speak Portuguese, Tanoa has been increasingly targeted by South American drug lords as a preferred traffic hub for North American and European-bound cocaine, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Increased U.S. drug enforcement protecting U.S border and interdiction in Latin America along with a falling dollar and a surging demand for cocaine on the streets of America and Europe, is leading to political and economic chaos across the Pacific Islands, where international narco-traffickers have established their most recent, and lucrative, staging grounds. In fact, the drug trade is fast turning large parts of the region into areas that are all but ungovernable with major implications for international security. The problem is so severe that it is threatening to bring about the collapse of Tanoa where weak and corrupt governments have been vulnerable to the corrosive influence of drug money. Part of the problem, is that the value of the drug trade entering the country, where about 6 grams of cocaine is roughly equal to the average annual salary, is far higher than its entire national income. Though cocaine has been smuggled through the Pacific Islands for most of the last decade, the trade has increased sharply in recent years, as a result of high unemployment and a largely corrupt law enforcement.

In June 2014, Jose Mario Vaz took over as caretaker for the presidential office, and at great risk to his life, has vowed to bring about changes to the country starting with democratic elections in 2016 and ridding the government and island nation of crime and corruption. He has called on the United Nations to provide support.

Viper One, consisting of an international coalition of special forces predominantly from Europe and the US, have been deployed to help safeguard the first democratic elections that Tanoa has seen since Jose Mario Vaz took over as caretaker president in June 2014. After a decade of coups and corruption, the President has vowed to clean up the government and give the nation a prosperous and peaceful future. That won't be easy given foreign interests in the cocaine trade, however, elections are going to occur in December 2016 and the Ghosts primary objectives are, firstly, to make sure that they go off without a hitch, and secondly, to put an end to the narcotics trade.

The Ghosts will be stationed at an unknown location within Tanoa Isles and conduct a series of missions aimed at neutralizing Tanoan militia backed by the Colombian drug cartel involved in the drugs trade, destroying narcotics infrastructure, seizing contraband including weapons and narcotics and providing support and protection to the interim government.

Administration / Logistics:
Tanoa consists low coastal plains, swamps and mangroves rising to rocky formations and savannah plains. Tanoa is surrounded by a number of smaller islets better known as Tanoa Isles again made up of low lying plains and mangroves ideal for shipping in cocaine.

The climate has a predominantly monsoon-like rainy season alternating with periods of hot, dry winds.

Friendly Forces:

  • 8 man special forces squad comprised of specialist roles: Squad Leader; Grenadier; Assault Rifleman; Demolitions; Anti-Tank; Corpsman; Marksman; UAV Operator

Enemy Forces:

  • Tanoan militia
  • Technical / Light Armor

Mod Addons: (links to be added later)

  • CUP Units
  • CUP Weapons
  • CUP Vehicles
  • CUP Terrains Core

Command and Communications:


  • Silverback: Command
  • Viper One: Ghost Team
  • Dragonfly: Chopper Insertion/Evac Team
  • Greystoke: Base

Missions: found in my Ghost Recon collection on Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=723000195

Mission 1 - Harvest Moon - Secure contraband supply drops at an abandoned plantation

Mission 2 - Emerald Angel - Seize a cartel airfield and knock out two guard towers

Mission 3 - Ivory Serpent - Secure a cocaine shipment dropped in the mangroves and secure a militia outpost

Mission 4 - Obsidian Edge - Seize a village overrun by cartel militia and clear roadblocks

Mission 5 - Hammer Blade - Conduct a search and rescue for a downed patrol chopper and take out SAM site

Mission 6 - Jagged Flame - Rescue helicopter pilots from a compound while creating a diversion through vehicle depot demolitions


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ok here it is - https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186420-spcoop-island-thunder-2-tanoa/

I will start rolling missions out on a weekly basis now that I have the core template done.

Also huge thanks to Wombat for making the promo videos for me.

The missions can be played coop or sp and I think they recreate the GR feel quite nicely both MP and SP (once you learn how to use the AI effectively they are pretty awesome).

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Just added the RQ11B Raven equipped by the UAV Operator to provide accurate and realistic recon of the AO, as well as the ability to mark targets for laser guided strikes.

Arma 3 just gets better and better.

Ghost Recon never died, it just moved to a new platform.

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Actually it has been released, but a) I can't edit my op (help Rocky please)

First 3 missions available on Steam - plenty more to come -


Mission 1 - Harvest Moon - Secure contraband supply drops. - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=723535326

Mission 2 - Emerald Angel - Seize a cartel airfield - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=723540355

Mission 3 - Ivory Serpent - Secure a cocaine shipment delivered by sea - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=722994999

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Not easier, but a learning curve like Igor, having said that you could create a basic mission in 10-15 minutes.

But you can create missions far more complex than Igor with a huge variety of scripts available.

im no coder though, I just create a  GR style mission template and reuse it.


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When you play missions like these it is pretty easy to realize that Arma 3 can be the true (and in fact only) successor to original Ghost Recon, it depends on the modder or scripter, all the necessary "tools", and much more, are there.

Btw any chance of "porting" Desert Siege missions using the CUP maps, vehicles and units ?

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You will note that Jeza uses a very open attack style, pretty much releasing his Ghosts to fire at will.

In Arma, you can send the group anywhere on map or by pointing in game, attack or hold fire or engage when engaged, choose the formations, get them to watch a particular direction, adjust their body position (stand, crouch, prone, or just copy your stance), make smaller teams to make commanding more easy.

Or you could just jump into a coop mission, get the Drone Operator to launch a darter and call out enemy positions on map (real recon in a non-Ghost Recon game? wow!).

When people tell me that this still isn't as good as Ghost Recon, it leaves me stunned - I mean, I know:

  • You can actually see your weapon as opposed to a reticule.
  • You can do real insertions and extractions.
  • You can choose more than just a primary weapon and frags.
  • You can use a medic system.
  • etc, etc, etc. :whistle:

But it's still pretty f* amazing.

And seriously, if someone says I played OFP once and I didn't like it - I will slap them.




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On 10/30/2016 at 05:37, Lightspeed said:

You will note that Jeza uses a very open attack style, pretty much releasing his Ghosts to fire at will.

And seriously, if someone says I played OFP once and I didn't like it - I will slap them.




1.: +1 True, don't be following my SP game style....its a little risky :D

2. Yup same here!

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