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New Windows 10 build released.

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I'm now at 10586.164.

Another week and another build is rolling out!  We’re happy to announce the release of build 10586.164 to both Win10 Retail devices as well as Windows Insiders.  Here’s a quick FAQ on the release and what to expect:
Q:  Who is receiving this build?
A:  This release is being sent to Retail open market devices as well as our Insiders in the WIP Slow and Release Preview rings.

Q:  I'm in the WIP Fast ring.  How do I obtain this .164 release?
A:  Change rings in the Windows Insider app to either WIP Slow or Release Preview, take the update, and then change back to the WIP Fast ring.

Q:  My device already has a Redstone build on it (14xxx).  Does this build apply to me?
A:  No.  This is a cumulative update for devices on the Threshold 10586 build.

Q:  Why is it necessary for WIP Fast users to switch rings?
A:  It's a publishing limitation.  Changing rings will not be a permanent process, but it is required for this particular release.

Q:  Why didn't Insiders get to test this release before releasing it to Retail users?
A:  Insiders did get to test it!  The previously released 10586.122 build is nearly identical to this new .164 build.  There are no major feature changes between the two builds.  Changes were focused on a few key bug fixes and other required updates to ensure this build was ready to release to Win10 Retail devices.

So my last build .122 and this one, build .164 are just about the same.

But this build is about stability rather than features. Things are progressing nicely :)  

Redstone seems to be coming and being tested as build numbers 14xxx. Word has it, redstone will release in the coming weeks

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create a ESD to ISO install usb drive create a esd to iso installer -OR- use the media creation tool to BOTH create an installation media (USB drive or DVD). and you can update to windows 10 free until last 2016. after that, you'll pay the full retail price for a new license.


Here's a video on my helping you to familiarize yourself with the major changes with Windows 10


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At this point is just conjecture. I won't even touch that unless I know from a reliable source. give me time and I hope to have you an answer. But it is widely known it will happen.

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ok, apparent;y the word is Office is happening now. the new office should be moving to a monthly subscription fee and some have said they are implementing it now with Windows 10. I haven't yet received any notifications but I suspect this first redstone update, build 14279, I believe it will be, could bring this to the fore front. pricing? no word yet from MS. But, I'd suspect something based upon a tiered service.

1. Business tier - perhaps $20 US a month

2. consumer tier maybe $10 US a month.

but no word on pricing.

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