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Do we have information on what weapons will be included in the game? And also if there is a gunsmith mode to customized the weapons based on your preference?

On my understanding, GR:Wildlands' story will take place at this time period, so i'm thinking of M4/M16 variations will definitely be there.

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Desert Eagle
ACR (a gun so oversold, underperforming and buggy only Ubisoft could love it)
AKM (probably as "AK-47")
M40A5 (a Marine weapon for an Army unit?)
FN P90
Mk 48 Mod 1


Keep in mind this is just what's been seen so far in cinematic and gameplay trailers, so some of these may be replaced or simply removed. The list is certainly incomplete as well.

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A pig and an M14 would be much appreciated...

wouldnt object to a melee weapon either...


weapon variety has not been too much of an issue in previous games (though Graws insistence on only being able to carry an MGL/rocket launcher along with a sidearm was annoying)

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Two 7.62x51mm MGs seems excessive, if the devs aren't going for for a huge arsenal (which I'm certainly not opposed to). Call me vanilla, but I'd rather have an 7.62mm AR-pattern gun like the Colt CM901 or KAC M110K2 than an M14 derivative. The CM901's modularity is made for gunsmith mode, especially if we can switch out calibers on applicable weapons. 

As for my wishlist:

- FN Mk 16 and Mk 17 SCAR: They're quite accurate and recoil softer than similar caliber counterparts. Multiple barrel lengths available for each.

- H&K HK416A5 and HK417A2: Provides a better contrast in ROF compared to the SCARs. 850RPM for the 416 and 600RPM for the 417, compared to around 600-620RPM for both the SCARs. Multiple barrel lengths available for each.

- SIG-Sauer MCX: In addition to 5.56x45mm NATO, it has 7.62x39mm and .300 BLK available from the factory. Only has 2 barrel lengths though

- SIG-Sauer P320: Really nice polymer striker-fired pistol that's modular to boot. 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or .45.

- Glock 20: I just want the novelty of a 10mm Auto pistol that's not in a cyberpunk or post-apocalyptic game. Though the 15-round mag does put it in the same niche as the FNX-45T. Then again FS gave the FNX-45 the same power as a 9x18mm Makarov gun, so who knows? Maybe they'll give it a reduced-capacity mag to balance it.

- Colt CM901: Modular, multiple calibers and barrel lengths available, and very accurate. 

- Galil or Galil ACE variants: The Galil - and the newer ACE - are very common in usage by Latin American countries. While Bolivia doesn't use the ACE AFAIK, they do use the regular Galil. Plus, Ubisoft likes to share assets between games, so it's plausible the ACE may appear.

- FN FAL or modernized variants: While I'm not aware of any major modernizations to the FAL design specifically from Bolivia, the basic FAL is used there and in many other Latin American countries. A few of those countries also have modernized variants or derivatives.


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