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creating kit icons?


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i know there are some older threads about this,but i can't find the answer i'm looking for. 

i don't understand how to make a kit icon, the side silhouette of a weapon, without the model file of the weapon. AFAIK the only way to view the side of a weapon is in 3dsmax with a .max file version of the weapon, photoshop only opens the texture which isn't a side silhouette.

i have also seen some mods kits as with .tga file names (as usuable extras)  is it as simple as exporting the .tga as an .rsb? 



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In this case I would google a image search of the type weapon you are after.

Do a Print Screen and paste into a new image in Photoshop.

Since kit icons are very low resolution I print screen the page with all the search results and then crop out the one I like.
Choose one that has a solid white background as it is easier to select the weapon out with the 'color range' tool in PS

I made a YT video tutorial on photo realistic kit icons. I'm not too knocked in the head with them and prefer the stock type.
But the tutorial may help out. In stock icons the color layer is white. In the alpha channel the silhouette of the weapon is white and the background is black.
Stock texture size is 64 x 64 but you can make them 128 x 128 for better defined icons. In the tutorial I made them 256 x 256 because they were photo realistic.

Photo realistic kit icons tutorial
part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cvs4HqnGDA
part two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWzuxdPEUcM

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