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I moved this to General Mod Topics, as it has little to do with Mod Reviews. :)

Regarding your question, the files relevant to the main menu backgrounds are "main_menu-01.rsb" up to "main_menu-05.rsb", backgrounds for secondary menus like the Options screen are determined by "shell_bgd-01.rsb" up to "shell_bgd-05.rsb". The game rotates through the different menu pictures via index from 1 to 5, whenever you restart the game.

The files you mentioned are "cmi.rsb", which stands for "Command Map Interface", indicating that it construes the visual elements of the in-game command map, and "pda_bgd-01.rsb" which is the background image for the virtual PDA used as menu for e.g. pre-mission briefings, team selection etc.

Have a look at the corresponding original RSBs to determine which, if any, alpha transparency setting are appropriate for each RSB.

Hope this helps.

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