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Hi all.


Been away from this site sense they came out with Ghost Recon: Future Solder.  Didn’t like the direction UBISOFT was taking the series so I left to play other games.


On impulse I decided to come back here and see what’s new and found that my user name and password still worked so here I am.


Surfed a little through the forums, red a couple posts, and now would like you all to catch me up on what’s been going on with the Ghost Recon series with some questions.


1.   Has UBISOFT come out with another GR game sense GR:FS? And has UBISOFT found the wisdom to make it more like OGR?

2.   What is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and what is it about?

3.   What is Ghost Recon: Phantoms, and what is it about?


Apologies if I posted this in the wrong forum.


Any and all answers and comments welcome people. Thanks all. OUT.



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1. Wildlands is in development. We'll have to wait and see if it's good or not.

2. It is going to be a open world game similar to Far Cry Series.
4 man co-op online or you and three AI squad mates in single player. A multitude of missions which can be done in any order. It will have drive-able vehicles. GR.net Wildlands section

3. Never played it. Free to Play online adversarial game. UBI Phantoms homepage

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Rocky, we're home.


Looking forward to Wildlands - been hoping for an open world tac-shooter forever. Ghany or central Asia would have been nice but I can do Bolivia too - it's got the Clancy name on it after all.


This is what it takes to get me excited these days...

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i'd like to add some finer points. As some may have known, I beta tested Windows 10 and was about to throw in the towel. I did as per neowin.net found out Microsoft, in its push to force people to move to Windows 10, they have stated they will not provide support for new hardware in Windows 7 & 8. I was happy with the beta as it showed promise but the release build was miserable. problems of all types. however MSFT is now moving to incremental builds to improve and polish the OS. I just as of tomight updated to builds 10586.71. I can positively say both good and bad. But as for Wildlands, I am 100% confident that anyone who upgrades a newer PC/Laptop within the Windows 7-8.1 era, will be able to upgrade to 10. I'm not sure about if the insider program is STILL open but for us insiders, we now have the OS free of cost for the first year.


now, not to make this as if its a OS post, I DO want to advise people that an upgrade to Windows 10 will have many beneficial facets to playing Wildlands. 

1. Direct12 . I was a viewer of a microsoft webcast and they had a computer or two running Directx11 vs a direct x 12. Directx11 crashed to the point that, the same game under DX11 stopped working, the game froze while the DX12 game chugged through the game without any video lag.

2. Xbox cohesion. there is an interface within Windows 10 that uses keys Win+G to open a game recorder, of the order of fraps but better. reason I say this, there's a section where you can post your in game videos and discuss this with your friends.


The reason I am saying all this is because it is my educated guess now that Windows 10 is very polished at this point, kinks are far between but almost all builds now deal more with smooth operation and fixing internal crash issues. therefore I'm advocating to help people make the transition to Win10 as soon as possible, if possible. from the microsoft announcement, its is apparent that, its a hardware support issue with Windows 7 and 8 that will  basically leave people behind the curve and i'd venture to say now that I'm knee deep in 10 that Windows 10 will be the OS to use for Wildlands. Period. There will be NO Directx12 for Windows 7 or 8, 8.1. Microsoft has made it clear its a absolute windows 10 only gaming tech.

Conclusion: If this christmas IS in fact the release time for Wildlands, I'd say with 100% surety that, Wildlands will be geared more directly to 10. Which would probably be the reason so little is being said and development is probably at a fever pitch at UBISOFT. But I just want to forewarn people that its probably best to build a custom gaming rig now and update to Windows 10 now, to familiarize yourselves with the new user interface and experience.

Sorry but this post was not meant to get off topic but I wanted to share this info for those who need to know more.

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now, I also wanted to warn folks that  I can NOT play the OGR as the tech is no longer supported anymore. Two builds ago, I was able to play OGR using the video improvement mod. Microsoft didn't tell anyone about this  as far as I know, but Neowin members have noted Microsoft basically did away with backwards compatibility with old games without telling anyone. Things are changing fast folks. I would venture to guess that any videos coming out soon would more likely be running off of the Windows 10 OS. It would have to be plausible.

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