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Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?

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how many players at one time in coop? will it go back to the original GR roots and allow for 2-4 8 man squads. wait, i recall four sets of squads that were color coordinated and we could make all red squads, blue green or gold. having four same team squads would really make for an awesome mission(s). 

4 squads, 1 squad just snipers and assign 2 snipers per squad with maybe an extra and approach the map on multiple fronts at once.

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From what I have read at gr.net it will be 4 man co-op. :wall:

And this is a point I made elsewhere about GRWL ..  I play with the 9MS team    9MS = 9 man squad   and that's how we play GR as a team  of 9 people in coop missions !   Cant do that with 4 player coop

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