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I installed GR/DS & IT and am using gameranger to create a room that runs COOP or TvT games. you can add me "Papa6" anytime and observe whe I have my server up and running. The COOP games will run the standard number of players. We will run COOP firefight or missions depending on what the majority want.

as for TvT i'll run Red v Blue and if memory serves 2 teams of each if enough players are interested (Don't worry, my gaming laptop and connection can handle it) if someones Latency is too high, they won't be permitted to play unless they don't affect the game.

Time to get some Old School GR kicking! C'mon in guys!


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Looks like you dont need request anymore:S

When you ''add as friend'' someone, itll show him in your friend list, no matter what, and when online, green dot appears besides his name , as usual.

Didnt notice the change.

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