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CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)


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Thanks dude.

Right so most of my time recently has been spent skinning up some new Russian regulars in summer dress which I will have ready to present soon but in the mean time got some pics from mission 2 which still needs a briefing + intro.

Wanna expand my Mexican sicarios and irregulars now thumper has inspired me some more.






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In looking back, I think I might've hijacked this thread a bit.  Sorry if I did.

I have completed updating Clear & Present Danger 2 (v2.0) and have to do a bit of polishing.  I just spent part of today getting the .KIL files done so the MP can use every kit or one of several restricted kit sets (like "No SD" and "Only SD") and I thought up a fun one for TvT or free-for-alls: "Punchbuggy"

"Punchbuggy" is a special kit where the primary weapon is the punch (from the mission in C&PD2) and the secondary is 5 frag grenades.  In close quarter combat, you either have to use a grenade or get right next to your target.  No sniping, no camping, just knife-fight-in-a-phone-booth fun with a little explosive twist.  This is available in MP only, obviously.

I had to put together kits and icons and came up with a re-numbering system that helps me rapidly figure out what is in each kit as secondary.  I also tweaked the kits (inspired by Wombat/Moon!) so that the Ghosts aren't toting around a bajillion rounds of ammo.  They're traveling fairly light.  Heavy secondary weapons come with a "weight penalty" for the primary in the form of less spare mags.  Sensors will remain, but each Ghost only carries one to avoid littering the map with sensors.  You'll need to chose your kits wisely and use that type of device sparingly and tactically.

I also created (more Wombat/Moon inspiration!) a Marksman type by changing the kit path for one out of every four Rifleman ATRs.  The marksmen all use accurized heavy rifles with the ACOG TA55 sight.  They are not full auto-capable but do carry useful secondaries.  Just giving choices to the players.  In MP mode, all of the Maksman kits are available (unless restricted by the type) to the Rifleman types.

Ive been poking around in Heroes Unlimited and mulling using one of the jungle maps from that as a final mission, but I haven't thought up a good mission plot other than a fight-thru-hell mission, but I like corners and alleys and such, so we'll see.  I might have one last good'n up my sleeve.

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Hi, Havok!  The original Clear & Present Danger 2 mod is in the d/l section if this site. The skins you see here are not in that version yet as I am updating the mod to add some new stuff, these skins and additional missions. Thanks!  I hope to have it released in January. 

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Ahhhh... thanks Thumper. It was in the campaign section for downloads....I was looking at the total conversion and expansion sections.

As soon as I installed it and fired up GR I immediately remembered playing it way back in tha' day. Clear & Present Danger 2 is awesome! Love some of those maps in it.


 I just recently re-installed GR after 7yrs or so being away from it....hooked again lolz.....brings back so many memories.



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Hi guys I'm gonna be taking another break from GR modding for a while, a number of health issues, life events and a recent lack of interest in GR has sucked all the fun out of it for me at the moment.

Until I inevitability re-catch the ogr bug Ive got something to hold you over.

Ive compiled the playable content into another demo with 5 playable missions.

Black mass - brand new/mexico/arid themed.

Dark Sector - brand new/mexico/arid themed.

Stone bell - Remade  ogr mission/Russia/autumn themed.

Year of the ###### - slightly modified from previous versions Russia/winter themed.

Dark winter - slightly modified from previous versions Russia/winter themed.

I've removed the two previous winter remakes of caves and farm due to downsizing and just not being happy with them in general.

You will notice there is no voice acting for the two new missions this is due to concerns with file size and the amount of effort it takes to record and edit it all, Ive replaced it with some generic radio chatter sounds I used in a few ofp missions yet Ive left the previous recordings in as I was really happy with them.

Of course this is unfinished so there will be some things I'm not 100% happy with and a few bugs here and there but for the most part these missions are 100% playable.

I will no doubt in time return to finish the entire 10-12 mission campaign in time I'm really sorry that after all this time I still have not been able to get into the proper groove necessary to pump content out but I'm in kind of a crappy headspace to say the least right now and looking at retexturing 6 more maps, scripting six more missions, writing out six more briefings and storylines, making however many more chr vcl and atr files is not doing my health any favors.

Anyway give these missions a whirl and gimmie some feedback if you wish.

You can get it HERE.

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped out and contributed and a big thank you to my friend Wombat.

Ill be lurking ;)


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Spelling mistake.
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Hey Mr Moon, take it easy and look after yourself. See you back here when you are all bushy tailed again, whether it is playing or modding, haste ye back.

Thanks so much for uploading what you have achieved so far - I'm downloading it now!

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