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CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)


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I'm back kindof.

Whilst Ive been doing some limited work on thanatos Ive also been wanting to playthrough and finaly complete thumpers brilliant capd 2 mod.

Unfortuneately I keep wanting to go through the mod and change some of the more ugly skins but I had a better idea.

A complete overhaul of all actors in the mod, updating the skins to look more modern and realistic, some changes to the maps to make them look a little prettier and the addition of sounds and effects donated to thanatos by wombat will also try to include a couple of bonus missions.

Here's a little bit of what I have so far.

Zetas Sicarios



Mexican Infantry


Two of the new ghost skins going for a wildlands/FS blend.




For higher resolution pics visit the moddb page.


Thanks guys.

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Very nice character skins as always MrMoon.

I love this mod by Thumper and we played it online awhile back. A couple of the missions are some of my all time favorites.

I don't recall any major or for that minor bugs except for

the last two missions which IIRC are on the Cartel maps which have a issue with AI seeing thru the foliage.

Re-tagging the offending textures seems to be of no value but there may be a solution I have not thought of.

I did a work around for that in the below Adjustment Mod we used for CAPD2.

Allot of other improvements to the Mod included as well which you can use at your discretion.

I'm very interested in what you do with this mod!

CAPD2 _Adjustment mod


CAPD2 _Adjustment mod UPDATE


I think both contain readmes.

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I tried another idea to re-tag the Cartel maps vegetation textures but no luck again.
Another idea I haven't tried is to reduce the spotting distance a fair bit.

Related somewhat, I downloaded Tage des Zorn from the campaign section of GR.net downloads.
It has the Cartel maps included an another custom map(Fishing Hole) uses the Cartel textures. argh
I didn't make it 75 yards from insertion before all soldiers were lost.

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Fantastic! Those Ghosts look operator as hell.

Well, aside from the plaid shirts. More partial to single-color (dirty or otherwise) irregular clothes myself, but my combat fashion sense is a curse sometimes. Even with rough-around-the-edges operators I'm forced to try to coordinate aesthetics somewhat in video games.

Pic related. Doesn't have to be black of course. A yellow, blue or red T-shirt or long-sleeved top that isn't too bright works. Haven't seen many pictures of special operations forces with tattoos, but I can't make judgments based on that. I don't browse threads focusing on pictures of SOF as often as I should, so maybe my judgments on whether or not plaid is combat fabulous lack sufficient information as well.

Business casual and a SCAR-H.jpg

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Just looked at the ModDB page, saw you just uploaded some new pics today. The updated Ghosts look fantastic! They're in the sweet spot between fully uniformed and plainclothes SOF. 

The cartel's forces look great too. A lot more variety than in vanilla CAPD2. The sweat-drenched shirts, tattoos, sports T-shirts, different patterns on button-down shirts, and stuff like that helps sell the setting and that most of these guys aren't really trained. Balanced by the more professional-looking enemies, too.

Also, I noticed in the new image of the Ghosts that one of them was using a suppressed M16A2 with an AN/PVS-4. Not in vanilla CAPD2, but I remember it being in Heroes Unleashed. Might be in some other mods as well. The Mk 14 and Mk 17 in the same pic were in CAPD2 and HU as well. Was another mod with the M16/PVS combo on, or does this update include new weapons?

I'm not asking for new weapons. I just didn't play CAPD2 with HU on, so I don't know how well the two mods mesh.

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Yeah I meant to post them here but tiredness/laziness took over and there was a delay :P

Aye am really pleased with the way the cartel guys are comming along :D

I believe the m16 is added by wombats capd2 adjustment mod that Im using as a base for ghost legacy. So yup thats in there with a few more I think :)


Heres the pics.

Better quality.

Updated Ghosts.


Updated/new Zetas.





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the ghosts look amazing in this mod!!! great skinning work. that look is what i was going for in my High Speed mod but obviously no ones first attempt is perfect. 

small suggestion, it looks like the ghost CHRs here are the originals and if they are indeed this makes this a lot easier. theres a skin mod called special forces by gen. montgomery that included models by dogzebra that are the original ghost CHRs with untucked pants. that would fix the boot/shoe hyrbrid issue in these current skins. im pretty sure dogzebra said his work was free to use when i spoke with him last year. 


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i didn't realize there were boots like that lol the guy on the far right with the pants over his boots seems like the most accurate Spec Ops look. one reason being operators seldom blouse their boots and reason two being in hot tropical environment with bloused boots isn't exactly comfortable. but either way they still look damn fine.   

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