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Watched Sicario and immediately thought of Ghost Recon

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There's a particular scene in the movie that reminded me of Island Thunder and Wildlands.

A team of Delta Force operators descend down a tunnel network to engage Mexican cartel members who used it to smuggle in drugs across the border. They approach it stealthily, taking out cartel members quietly before engaging in a firefight in the tunnels, gunshots reverberating throughout. In a way, the whole scene is kind of reminiscent of M01, where you'd engage Ossetian militia in the cave. It also uses POV shots with night-vision liberally, which again brings out that Ghost Recon vibe.

I kind of found it funny how Sicario and Wildlands both involve a US Special Operations force fighting against a cartel.

Hell, compare this screenshot from Sicario to one from Wildlands. Similar aesthetic, no?



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