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Zero Day Campaign Demo

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I'm deciding to do something I haven't done before: campaigns.

Regarding the name, I have no idea if it is used, but I will change it if it is.

The story: It is early 2014, Cuba is believed to have recieved nuclear weapons from an unknown country, and the Ghosts are going to find out if this is hot air or if this is real and put a stop to it. With a leader known with hands that would love to get nuclear launch codes, it's a stupid idea to NOT investigate their land for nasty bombs. They will also have to find out the supplier of the nuclear weapons.

You can find the demo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxazgii6f8uot86/Zero%20Day%20Demo.zip?dl=0

Or through the post itself if the link goes dead.

I could use some help, and if you find any errors with the first mission, please tell me!

Thank you for trying it out!

Zero Day Demo.zip

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Hey dude gonna check this out right now :)


Not bad at all was this by any chance a remix of island thunder mission one or totally original I can tell lol.

Nice work mate look forward to playing more.

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The first mission was a remix of IT, but I don't plan on making it an entire remix of IT. I'm not very good at scripting, in fact I'm still not even done scripting the second mission. I plan on live streaming Tuesdays and Thursdays every week on scripting the maps. No time planned currently, but I won't steam tomorrow. If I plan a time, it'll be about 6-8 P.M. CST. If you want to help me out with scripting, that'll be a good time. It's always been a pain in the ass for me.

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I try to stream on Twitch, but YouTube normally gives me errors.

I just watched Jeza play a couple rounds via steam. And it seemed really easy to setup and do. Check out steampowered.com



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I know about Steam streaming, I do have it set up with my Steam account, but switching from game editor and game requires the stream to restart. Also, Steam streaming doesn't really like desktop applications compared to games, but the game editor DOES work very well streaming. I just don't want to start and restart and shut down the stream just to switch and test, and Ghost Recon's main menu is hard coded to 640 x 480, which messes a bit with the Steam stream a small bit when switching from menu to game. I'll try Twitch first, Youtube second (wants me to stream from hangouts?), and Steam last. I haven't had a moment to setup the streaming utilities yet, but tomorrow I am free, so I will try to set everything up then.

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I apologize about not streaming, I got caught up in work. Tuesday I will be busy,  Wendesday, I will not be able to. I always work Wendesdays. Thursday I will be busy again, so don't expect me to stream this week.

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