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Ok don't kill me, just starting an Apple TV gaming topic

Killer Boo

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So do you guys think that the Apple TV could be any good for doing 'real' console gaming?

Looks like the available size of 'app' for the Apple TV is only 200MB which isn't that big at all, and the device has a mag of 64GB of internal space and as far as I can see around 2GB of RAM, with these specs it looks good enough.

Any further data a game would need will have to be 'on demand' so for it to load the next level might not be a big issue.

Personally would think it could be done, and if they can have controllers, why not have a game like GR on it.

What are you thoughts?

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I'm not gonna kill you.

Your gonna have more chance with Minecraft with apple iPad, games are already limited on apple format than PC format , as most PC users already know that. Plus PC is the way forward for first person shooters and racing games. There won't be a game on it like GR, but its best if you would search first for a game like GR for the iPad on Google , before regret buying one .

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All I know is I am getting one.

My only question... why?

First off it isn't worth 149.99 to 199.99. What could it possibly do that it failed at prior? Siri voice control? Alexa from Amazon will be doing the same here shortly and it will have all the content Apple won't. No Amazon Video, Vudu,Plex and Pandora Radio.. etc

Also if your walled into Apple eco with an Iphone 6s you can't even play your 4K videos on the thing. Even some of the cheapest Androids TV sticks will do 4K video.

And with the Roku3 having over 750+ Channels including ALL the popular ones it smokes AppleTV in every Streaming set top box rating chart. And the Roku3 is $99 (US) everywhere including Walmart.

Will the App Store allow Amazon in there? I doubt it. You could probably bypass it with Airplay but Why should you have to is the real question?

At least Amazon Fire TV makes apps for all its video, music, and e-book services, install-able on any device (including Apple devices), but Apple does not do the same, tells you everything you need to know about Apple.

Apple has very little exclusive content and no pricing advantage, either. Bottom line: This is a poor choice as anyone's only streaming device.

I personally use Chromecasts throughout the house and they do everything I need. They were $25 each and I have 5 rooms with them So I have streaming content in every room of my house for less than what you are gonna spend for 1 Apple TV box.

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I dont use Apple products but I can understand their popularity. I mean they are easy to use and that is what you need for grandmas and grandpas to like a phone. Also you have everything in one eco system which is also a plus for apple users. The OS is maximized (on the phone and tablets) to run on the limited hardware they have so having top of the line hardware isn't necessary. The camera has been one of the best cameras on any cellphone and has even been used by many professional Fhotogs for their picture taking.

Despite all that I couldn't bring myself to owning one of their products or phones. Cus the moment I was found out it would be like getting caught masturbating to National Geographic lmao.

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Yeah I did I am a Google KoolAid drinker. So the Fanboy is firmly entrenched here as well. I think it really comes down to what your used to. I have been using Android based systems forever so I am used to it. Prior to that Blackberry and an old Nokia which I think I still have in a drawer somewhere and is indestructible. One question for the Apple Users though. How do you get excited over stuff that Android did years earlier? If Android did that I would be far from impressed but Apple users seem to act like it is something new. Is it because Iphone users are really ignorant of what is out there outside the Apple eco system? Or they don't care as long as an apple logo is on it? Not stirring a fire here just asking. I will say Samsung and others did use the design styles apple pioneered and just tweaked them but since that original Design Apple hasn't innovated anything new. They have become the copiers.

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I'll agree with Android screws up introducing some new things but that happens when you innovate. I mean we wouldn't have F35 fighters without Kittyhawk right?

99% of stuff isn't that way on most android systems and I think that was also more in the past and a misconception.I almost use the analogy comparison of the custom pc builder whos a gamer vs someone who just buys a system at a box store.The custom system builder is definitely the Android user.Apple users like how Apple dumbs it down so it works with the lowest common denominator of user which is perfect for their users.I mean 99% of Apple users aren't power users.

I think also alot of the Android issues stem from the past and Manufacturers trying to tie the phone into their systems as well. I know I get that with Verizon here in the States. And that is why I don't use anything Verizon offers on my phone.

But with that said Android can also excel in areas IE Google. 99% of google apps and services are rock solid. Docs, Drive, Maps, Now, Hangouts,GMail,Keyboard and Google search set the bar extremely high.

Also hardware is astronomical. Example is my 2014 LG G3 is a 5.5 Quad HD 1440x2560 display @ 538 pixels per inch. It cost me like 170.00 new. The Apple equivalent isn't quite out yet and will run you $649.00 and I can expand my storage to 256 and it shoots 3840x2160 4K video which I can send it to my TV (which plays 4K videos). Plus I don't have to charge my phone half way during the day because it lasts almost 2 days charged. So Android does have some advantages. And I am using a cellphone that isn't even a "current flagship" model. Then there's wireless charging,NFC yadda yadda yadda

So anyways If all i did was snapchat,Periscope or shoot selfies I would be an Iphone user :)

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