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Private military company issue

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I have been in talks with Bohemia interactive but I'm getting a "can't write license file".

I've tried running as admin

I've tried compatability

I tried doing what Bohemia said, running Arma 2 and Arma 2 op arrowhead as admin, then trying to run PMC installer as admin, same error.

I tried the "take ownership" reg entry and took over the bohemia interactive folder.. still, no luck.

When i put the addon folder into the game, I got some sort of "failed to read header encryption" in file xxxx.pbo.

I was however able to extract the installer into an unzipped folder. I found the license file and the addons folder with all the equipment, vehicles etc in it. is there a round about way to get this addon folder for private military company into my Arma 2 folder?

PMC is my favorite part of the game as far as the whole game of Arma 2 goes.

I could use some help. still waiting for a new reply from bohemia

thinking about simply buying the reinforcements addon pack which comes with the PMC. maybe my amazon download version is corrupt or broken somehow


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First thing is run ArmA 2 and let it setup. I had this issue with the addons as well and it came down to running the game first (regular Icon) then I could click the addon packs Icon and it would run fine from there. Try that first. Beats installing another operating system.

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