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GR Differences on Consoles

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I've started playing Jungle Storm and noticed the following:
Some of the kits have been replaced, instead of the 9MM SD, Riflemen get the 9MM SA as their pistol and machine gunners take the regular M9 now, Riflemen can also take Hand Greandes instead of the M203.

Not sure if you can unlock more (I Hear you can in the original Ghost Recon on PS2) but you now have at least one alternative weapon kit for all Classes even in the campaign mode. (All Riflemen can select the MP5SD, all Machine Gunners can select the M240, All Snipers can select The Barrett M98 and all Demo soldiers from the start can select the Z84 as a primary weapon.)

It seems the chance to be instantly killed when shot is either removed, highly decreased, or only applies to the enemy, Ghosts can consistently survive getting shot once or twice but your vision will get blurry when hit making returning fire more difficult. (Honestly if we got a GR remake, having the "die instantly" chance be something optional might be a neat feature for those less experienced with tactical shooters since you can only survive 1-2 shots anyway.) 
EDIT: I did die instantly once, I can't say for sure but I think maybe instant kills are now only a thing if you're actually hit in the head.

Enemy AI is less accurate, they still seem somewhat accurate but standing up doesn't make you a bullet magnet.

You cannot "Run and Scope" anymore, moving anything faster than a very slow walk will force you to descope, even with the M16, also being injured will cause your aim to "wobble" as the reticle indicating accuracy will actually increase and decrease a bit when at maximum accuracy. (so you'll always be a bit inaccurate when injured instead of just taking longer to aim.)

There's no ability to change firemodes and the M16 is now full-auto, the M16 has a new model with a Acog scope even with the M203 equipped.

There's new dialogue, I've noticed the new dialogue for the "Tactical Exercise" tutorials (GR1 MP only maps but with AI) maps is actually the HRT Briefing guy from Sum of All Fears.

Enemy dialogue is much louder, in GR1 PC you had to be pretty close to be able to hear the enemy dialogue, now their dialogue can be heard clearly from further away.

Split-Screen is now a playable mode, sadly Split-screen only allows for no AI backup, there's no option to have Player 1 lead Alpha Team and Player 2 lead Bravo Team, they can only be a single soldier each.

More CG Cutscenes, all of the maps I've played so far have new "outro" cutscenes. (Such as the Ghosts driving away the crates from the first mission of Island Thunder or Ariel Priego watching the Ghosts secure the camp from the second level with a pair of binoculars.


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I have now finished Island Thunder:

The AGS-17 has been removed, most AGS-17 turrets were turned into machine gun turrets, however in "Ocean Forge", you still need to secure the AGS-17, it has a new model and is now an "packed up" AGS-17 that is not set-up to fire and is placed down on the ground. (So it's unusable.) 

Every mission has a new ending CGI cutscene.

Some of the Specialists have changed weapons:

Harold Gordon uses a FN FAL instead of the M16A2, Klaus comes with a 9A-91 with 15 spare magazines instead of the MM-1 and Jack Stone's SR-25 is supressed.

The Distance Fog is greatly expanded in certain maps, in Hidden Spectre you can see the other end of the Airfield from one end for instance. (Making surviving the ambush easier)

Less Vehicles and less enemies attack the voting polls in Liberty Storm.

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