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Windows 10 out for free for windows 7 & 8 users

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i guess I better can say that in windows 10 home, there's only two options, "notify restart or automatically." that's it.

in my 8.1 I can have them sitting on the server and windows will tel me they are there but I can choose which to install and if a bad one gets through and MS says its causing probs, I immediately know to avoid it.

after looking into the guts of windows 10 home, a lot of things in pro that need to be in home don't exist, like a poor mans windows.

Yeah again you need to go look because your statements aren't true. The only thing (yes only 5 things of difference) is:

- Domain Join Services

- BitLocker Drive Encryption

- Remote Access Services

- Group Policy editor

- Windows Update for Business

Which non of that applies to you except maybe Bitlocker which I wouldn't want to use because it stores your encryption key online so whats the use? If you are looking for an excuse to not use it that is fine but don't spread false statements hoping to get others to not use it because it might be just fine for them and what they are exactly looking for.

I tried to access group policy in cortana and it doesn't even exist. home is a stripped down version of pro. I know because I tried to access these features when I had windows 10 installed. that's all I'm say.. I'm not mad or confrontational. this is something I found

you get windows 10 pro :)

I ended up with home. I have windows 8.1 now. but the creation tool shoved me to home edition. and pro is $179. also local group policy that exists in windows 10 pro exists however in windows 8.1 but not windows 10 home.

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c'mon guys, we're on the same team :)

papa6 is actually right, windows 10 forces updates, i'm not sure about the stability of said updates, but it does force them with no way to turn them off, i'll have to check my windows in a moment to see if you can on Pro, but it is definitely forced, and intentionally so

Zee, this isn't your old school Windows. Consider this a rolling release. you will get regular updates every 4 months. Also Threshold 2 (code name for Windows 10) will be released I am assuming in October and Redstone sometime early 2016. There will be more added content on that update I am sure.

Critical updates will come as needed but there definitely is an update schedule. No more service packs.

For those not familiar, Windows 10 was code-named Threshold, which is why this updates is named Threshold wave 2.
Microsoft is quite strict about what new items can be added with this update at this time, so we will see if the once-promised, but never talked about, Skype desktop messaging app will make it in this release or if it will be part of Redstone (2016 update). It does seem like the delayed app-installs to an SD card with Windows 10 should arrive with this update, since it was initially targeted for July but was delayed near the end of development.
For the next wave of feature updates, Redstone is looking to be a more realistic goal for large new additions to the OS, as Microsoft wants to make sure Windows 10 has been properly optimized to the best of its ability with Threshold Wave 2 before they go back down the path of adding new items to the OS.
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I'm holding off on reinstalling windows 10 if at all. There seems to be many issues with windows 10 and old games. my wife showed me the left 4 dead 2 forum on steam and there are many threads on windows 10 breaking the game that people cannot play the game. even with the compatibility tinkering. which didn't work.

But I'm more concerned about playing my old games then being up on the latest windows 10 OS.

as for the updates issue, I found a website that showed a registry hack by setting a Dword from 2-5, 5 being inform me of updates and let me decide which to install, albeit 2 recent updates caused several people to get stuck in loops of some sort.

that's why i'm adamant about warning others. perhaps over time they'll address these issues and I'll update then. but I'll sit tight with 8.1 for now

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Insider preview build installed Threshold 2. Looking into what is new in this build. I see my preview watermark is back lol.


also FYI for those saying that Windows 10 home is crippled I use Start Menu Reviver (I got so used to it in Windows 8 I prefer it over stock start menu and its free)

I found Media player which was supposed to be removed and i'll look into other gems. Anyone else update via insider previews?

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