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nhl 2k3


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anyone play this game ? i would be interested in starting or joining an online league if anyone else is into it...... joined bigger online leagues b4 and biggest problem is getting people to show up for their scheduled games

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EA ruined the NHL series for me with 2K3. I will never buy another one. Hope though that you find people to play. I really really hope that UBI doesn't go the same route as EA did.

Stout Hearts


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Actually, the parallels between EA and UBI are too close!

Both games use directx9 and must have the graphics dumbed down on virtually all systems to get decent frame rates.

Also, you will experience some jumpy play even on a great connection.

A great connection in North America will not equal a great connection in many parts of Europe or Scandinavia. Whoever has the best connection will usually beat you to the puck and hit you with better checks. :ph34r:

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