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This game has me worried/excited enough to actually write a blog... Fr

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Well, ever since GRW was announced at E3, I've been following things as they've developed here and on the official forums (known as Timberley over there). It's gotten so bad and I've been posting in many different topics, so I thought I'd collect my thoughts and actually write a blog... Terrifying stuff, as I'm usually quite reserved! Anyway, here's my little (ha!) blog post, collecting my thoughts on what made OGR great, and why GRFS was a load of old pony, and what I'd like to see GRW become as a Single-Player game...

The Serious Business of Gaming - Blog Post 1

And here's my most pertinent posts on the official GRW forums:

On Characters

On Female Characters

On Single Player

The 'Wishlist' Thread Post

All comments and feedback gratefully received!


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Thanks Burner! I hope they do too, but that could be asking for too much! :fingersx:

In theory, Part 2 - Expanded Gameplay & Modding will go up next week, once work's quietened down enough for me to put something together!


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as for the modding section, I see one problem why it hasn't been well liked. Because, modding a game keeps a game going. it makes the game last longer because people can create maps, weapons etc. Devs like to create a game, then DLC and force people to buy the next game, keeping the profit margin rolling in. ARMA,ARMA2 and ARMA3 can be modded like mad but the developers always improve the games graphics, and the like which gets people to buy into the next ARMA game. cash flow is important to companies and modding depending on a success of a title can slow down adoption of a new game. However in OGR's case, RSE created DS and IT and this gave more skins, textures, vehicles and more and ubisoft still made money but the modding community kept the game moving along.

Harntrox and those guys made sure OGR did what most games couldn't do, stand the test of time by allowing for the complete modding of the entire game.

GRAW/GRAW2 allowed for modding because Grin/Ubisoft allowed for it. but we were stuck with the same terrain in GRAW2 unless someone created a new terrain with 3dsmax7 or 8.

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True, and I think you're spot on with Arma's success. The next iteration in the series always improves the graphics and adds new features, which excites the Arma fans and possibly bring in new ones. Arma 3 is definitely an iteration on Arma 2, and the ease with which Arma 2 assets can be ported over to Arma 3 has certainly helped its adoption. But, that's argueably because BI know their audience. They realise that they can create a great campaign, but the success of the game will depend upon how easy it is for the modders to customise the game and make it the way they want it.

However, this in itself promotes brand loyalty. Not only that, it means that the developer has to iterate on their previous game. As well you know, gamers can be fickle, and most tend to go with a 'once bitten, twice shy' attitude. Hence the reason I suspect that Ubi Paris is trying to engage the community early in development; they know that GRFS was regarded as a failure to the 'loyalists' and GRO wasn't well received, and is trying to win back support.

In this regard, I think Bethesda got it right when they announced Fallout 4 at E3 this year; far enough from the previous game to capture interest, close enough to release to sustain the interest until launch day. Plus, Fallout loyalists tend to mod the game as much as they can!

Edit: However, it helps that games with proven modding success tend to be more sandbox games than linear shooters.


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