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9K35 Strela 10


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I wonder if this brings back some memories for you guys?

been working on it for several hours in total now, but so far it's looking good!

All i really need to do now is UV the TELAR turret and get it textured up then it's going into Arma.



as a comparison, the last time i ever saw a strela 10 ingame:

Any thoughts and comments are welcomed :D

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That's a really good-looking "Стрела-10", nice job. :) You made it for the third "Arma" game, right? I was thinking about buying this game recently - my brother has it and I have played it on his computer, it looks quite interesting. :)

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aye! it's going into Arma 3, it's going to be a part of RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as some MTLB variants too!

Arma 3's a great game, even better to mod, maybe one day if you get it and we get enough guys together we could do a bit of co-op?

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On 22/03/2020 at 20:57, Zeealex said:

wow... this is old

New version:




Wow, this new model looks awesome. This is part of the RHS in Arma 3 or you making it for Ghost Recon? This is so nostalgic. Would be fantastic to recreate Orginal Ghost Recon maps in Arma 3...

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