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Phoenix Rising, well not really...


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Well I have given up getting GR on this machine for some 3D clarity for now, but I just got on mis old PC, the one I scripted P2 on, and there it was, a P2 splash screen staring me in the face...2009. Long time...long time since I opened IGOR with INTENT...BUT, that is exactly what I was doing...took one look and realized I need to read even the most basic info for now...5 years worth of forgetting and all...anyway, I 've been bored lately and figure giving you guys a chill might be fun...so, at least one mission forthcoming...I feel too lazy to get all involved with too many modding aspects so you will get either a single mission for SP, COOP or a mission pack in the old migryder tradition...hopefully the scripting will live up to reputation. At this point, if any of you have a map that has been created in the last five years or a fav map from old...and would like to see a new mission on it, then please let me know here...espicially any new turf to script on...

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Damn, Mig, great to see you back here (it's been a while since I've been around too, but GR and all your previous mods are still installed on my steam-powered PC...)

I'd second Giampi on Cobaka's maps, maybe mixed up with the old UKSF mod that's still kinda short on missions. I got stalled about halfway through several UKSF Afghan-type snow missions... always tried to be a bit too cinematic and ended up tying myself up in buggy Igor knots... but maybe if you did some desert missions I'd be tempted to open up the snowscapes again too ;)


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