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Mod suggestions? SP gameplay and OGR Coop?

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Hello, I reinstalled GRAW 2 again for the first time in many years.

Back when I played it, I only ever got through the 4th mission.

What mods would you suggest for SP? I just want to get the best experience and try and see the campaign through, then see if there's any modded campaigns that work well in SP.

I've read a lot of negative comments about the patch 1.00 to 1.05, any advice on whether and which patch to use?

I don't dig those briefings, the quality of production is above cartoon, but below CGI movies. Trying to read my objectives and they won't sthu.

Is there a way to play with the team outside of the campaign? I thought that you could play a mode where if you die, you play as another soldier on your team until you complete or are wiped. OGR Coop, was that only for GRAW 1?

I am stuck on mission 2, it's not completing, maybe I hit Play Mission instead of Continue. I read that is a problem today, I'll have to try the Continue again.

I'd really like to be able to play all of the missions in OGR coop, where I can soldier switch if I get killed and attempt to complete the campaign this way.

Thanks for any suggestions, this game looks like a really cool GR mod. :)

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Mark, patch the game to 1.05.

Theres is no other way to play with AI in your team.

Thats Canpaign but theres few modded campaign avalaible in the dl sections.

Playable as single missions too.

You can only play with people when you select OGR Coop. No AI teammates.

Lots of cool maps to choose from in the OGR ''missions'' dl section.

Most of em are a long run tough, be prepared for hours of play.

If you do i suggest you to install Rahnman 4.01 weapon mod. Its gives more ammo, and you can carry a sniper gun, a sec, pistol, nades, and RPG at the same time. very needed on some of those maps.:S :)

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Hey, thanks pagey, good to see you around. Aren't there certain mission mods that move the spawn area up as you proceed to clear the map? Those might be okay in SP without AI. Any idea which those might be?

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Hey Markee,

Thats in OGR Coop, Create LAN or internet game under OGR Coop gametype.

The maps are located here:


And yes you spawn to the latest point.

i strongly suggest you to install eithr Rahnman 4.01 or Bretzies weapon pack.

Personally i always used Rahnman, man you will need it, all classes got the RPG, and you can scroll on the class icons to change kits

under all classes...theres a lil right arrow you can clic.

Theres a lot of choppers, tanks, tons of baddies to shoot.

Install Rahnman than install the maps located here:


under the custom level folder located here...

C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\custom_levels

I see you are online, you wanna shoot tacos tonite?

Hit me on xfire sometimes if not, or send me a mail..

peace :)

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