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The unofficial beard (aka customization) thread.

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Post things pertaining to character customization in Wildlands. For example, what gear you'd like to see, facial options.

Or just post pictures of beards you'd like in the game.

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I would like to see gender/ethnicity customization, but its not a must

Camo/clothing interchangeability WITH impact on your stealth/concealment, based on the environment.

Armour interchangeability, WITH effect on agility and protection factors.


Headgear, WITH impact on protection/concealment.


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OmG hahahahaha, bin laden and gandalf the grey go head to head on that one..

" I'll bang your mean girl , if u Dont hand me that ak 47, back, plus it doesn't suit you USMC navy SEAL , where's your tricked out laser guided m4", says bin laden.

" frodo, I'm high of this , no kidding" says gandalf the grey in the greens of everwood..

Yep, I just wrote that up XD

"Merry Xmas , best beardies, no one messing with Rudolf the rude boy massive widebody let it rain , reindeer " says Santa Claus, Lapland, sitting by the fire with wood lol

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