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Project Reality BF2 Now free standalone

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With the release of PR 1.3.0 you no longer need BF2. That's right it is a free standalone title now. Guys like Dyslexci of ArmA fame STILL play this title regularly. If you love a great tactical shooter that can run on 99% of machines these days this is a title for you. If you never gave PR a shot because you hated BF2 then you are missing out. PR was what ArmA series tried to do but never got right.

So what are you waiting for?



Standalone trailer on Youtube:


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...PR was what ArmA series tried to do but never got right.

Twcrash, I have to agree with this.....although ARMA is a much more advanced and realistic simulation, PR has smooth controllers, operations seems to just flow unlike ARMA which is a constant battle. It actually a pleasure to play PR for hours. I really enjoy the simple and effective radio system....and the sim just forces team work and realism.

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