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bluefox pretty much hit the nail on the head there, GRFS was pretty much a third person call of duty with a slap of make up on it, masquerading as a ghost recon game, right down to guerilla mode (which I admit was a rather fun game mode)

Yeah, sure ubisofts recent track record of releases isnt great, but something about me is saying something in them has clicked, if we expect wildlands to be terrible and not a ghost recon game like I did previously, then yeah, of course ubi developers might get a little run down, a little ######, I mean if you were working on an art project and you were barely halfway done, and all of your friends and classmates were saying, its going to turn out badly, there'll be mistakes everywhere and you'll treat us terribly for saying it. of course you're going to feel dejected and unmotivated.

sure GR1 was the first and best, but we are comparing a fifteen year old game to something that isnt even out yet.

Bolivian drug cartels is a believable adversary, and the precautions are believable precautions.

my honest bottom line is, keep an open mind, and sure, it wont be talked about ten years later, but its better to be enjoyed at the time than be remembered for how terrible it was ten years later.

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I would normally agree with with anyone making that statement, but we are talking about Ubi and GR post 2002 here.

Really? For a console game I thoroughly enjoyed both GRAW and GRAW2. So for me UBI haven't stopped making good titles or decisions since 2001/2002, they just haven't made good PC/GR related decisions - see GR2 and how it was cancelled on the PC way back when as just one example that I could have choose from.

I await more news about the progress of this title with great enthusiasm.

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sure GR1 was the first and best, but we are comparing a fifteen year old game to something that isnt even out yet.

To my mind, that speaks volumes as to how good the original was; that we're still using it as a yard stick for Wildlands, as opposed to GRFS.

I'm eagerly watching for tidbits for this one, as I have a good feeling about it, based on what we've seen/read so far.


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At this point Ghost Recon is a series about a SUPER SECRET AND TACTICOOL ARMY SPECIAL FORCES UNIT with a heavy emphasis on squad combat and teamwork.

I've curbed any hope of the series returning to its roots because that's clearly not Ubisoft's current design philosophy for Ghost Recon. And you know what, I'm fine with that. It's been over a decade since the original Ghost Recon came out, and there's been nothing like it ever since (ArmA doesn't count, GR is not a milsim). Like Dick Splash said, it should've set the bar higher for games that have followed since. But it hasn't.

Yet Wildlands doesn't necessarily have to be like it. Would we like it to? Sure, but it's been over 10 years. There's little hope for it. At this point, we can only really hope for a game that's actually fun to play.

Maybe we should have a poll on what constitutes a Ghost Recon game, just to see the general consensus.

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