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Re-making Ghost Recon in Insurgency?

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OK - this may sound a stupid idea (and maybe it is) but I was just looking on YouTube and found several videos on making custom maps for the game 'Insurgency'. A lot of people seem to be making maps for this game and re-making popular maps from other games.

So it struck me that *maybe* you could remake some classic maps from GR Classic for this game?

What does anyone think? Would it be possible?

Disclaimer: I have never made a game map in my life - I am merely speculating for *FUN*!


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I pretty much picked up this game to mess with modding/mapping since it has "theaters" which allow you setup custom weapons/models and various other things to tweak the game but no one really seems to take advantage of them.

Was working on brining a SWAT 3 map over to the game but at the end of the day you want it to look better then the original after so many years so I end up stopping since not having the right static meshes and such.

I know nothing about Ghost Recon mapping but it looks like you did it within 3DS Max? Can you open up the original maps in 3DS Max? if so I can't imagine it would be tough to port over the geometry for Insurgency.

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