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The .rar format uses better compression for files and archiving. Thus, you will usually see the .rar extension on some of the larger MOD files.

To extract the .cabs, you need WinRAR. Download the 3.20 (Graphic and Command Interface) to your Hard Drive, then install the application. When using WinRAR, just select the file you want to extract, choose the destination folder, and it de-compresses the files for you.

Here's the link: WinRAR

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RAR and ACE are the top compressors on the market. I only use ACE myslef as it gives a little better compression, not many americans do as it's a german program.... go figure....

Anyhow, I alsways make them self-extracting when using those progs to avoid problems like this. I think people should always do that.

But both WinACE and WinRAR are fully compatible so both those programs can uncompress everything I have seen out there.


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It depends what kind of data you are packing (text / sound / graphics / etc.).

http://compression.ca/act-win.html - this site has quite good comparison between compressors.

It is impossible to say that <somecompressorhere> is the very best compressor in the market. It might be that some compressors do well in packing ghost recon mods (which include quite much graphics).

For compatibility among windows users zip is probably the most common format.

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Yes but ZIP is crap and have always been crap. Just that it has been marketed hard and been "easy" to use.... The Easy part the gained in DOS environment by not adding many funtions like the others had. Only rookies and people who don't know what they are doing use ZIP, all longtime users that compress stuff have dropped it a long time ago.

To link to my last post, by top compressors I also include how widely used they are. And of the good ones, RAR & ACE are the most common. There are better ones of course but that are toally unknown. These two are at least widely used on the net.

I always test compress my mods, for different games, with both WinRAR & WinACE and release the smallest one, always make them self-extracting to as that only add about 70kb. And so far WinACE have won every time with from 200kb for my first mod to over 5Mb on the latest mod.

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