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So is this game supposed to be more of a GR successor or a R6 successor? 

Nothing against R6 and the impact it had on gaming but the CQB aspect never quite did it for me. Will this be more like GR in the sense of more open battlefields but also less clunky and overly complicated like ARMA?


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Just posted this in GB forums after switching to and trying out the latest testing (beta) release  -

So today was exciting for me in GB, the first time I've been excited for a long time.

The builds I've been playing recently were leaving me less than enthusiastic because it felt like things were so far from close to being playable. The game was laggy, when AI fired, forget about it, the NVG didn't work properly. I just felt like this game may never get there - sorry, just being honest.

Tonight though - like playing a different game. Completely different feel.

Load time for the maps went from over a minute to less than 20 seconds for Small Town and 27 seconds for the Ship.

No lag in the load out area - that worried me before. Nothing moving in the room and I'm lagging? Now it's gone.

Spawning into the map, again - slow before, much faster now.

No lag in the map anymore - just fluid movement.

NVG now looks like what jeza posted in the video - extremely playable and does the job well now.

Contact with AI now - no more freezing! I could actually compete with the opfor now - very happy!

But the most exciting part of all for me - I felt something I haven't felt a lot for a long, long time. White knuckle moments! Rogue Spear and GR were the first and only games that really ever created that feeling for me - I don't even think Arma did that for me. But there it was - that edge of the seat tension.

I'm excited! 


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