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Kind of an update here in regards to the game. John has been working on the store page, He said "it's still a few days away" then the "Tech Preview" will be available for public download in the Store page.

He also said "Something is going to have to seriously go wrong for it not to be available by May 1st". Do note though the "Tech Preview" is just what it says it is. Many features will be missing in the tech build and does not resemble the final product at all. There is still a lot more work and stuff that needs to be added. The Tech Preview will just give the developers an idea on how the game engine runs on other PC systems.

They will also finally have a way for you to support development of the game!
How Can I Support Development Of This Game?
See Website For Details: http://www.groundbranch.com
All I have to say is "HA!" to all the people that said this game was vaporware and not going to get anywhere!
All Images & Videos are a Work In Progress. As mentioned before a lot of features are missing.
Images Taken By A Select Private Group Of People:
Also Videos Taken By A Select Private Group Of People:
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lol the Vaporware comment has to be directed at me. I'll take the high road this time and just say... looks good and hopefully gets better with time. I know I have been hard on this title but i know they have some guys who do wanna see it make the light of day someday so hats off to those guys. Looking forward to more progress.

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Someone pointed out that Sondecker said I would be "ranting" about this post. I love the fact that his lack of getting a product to market in a 10 year span is somehow to be overlooked just because he is the great John Sondecker and if I question this I am somehow picking on him or GB. If it was anyone else or UBISOFT who did this it would be a no brainer but for some reason the GR community gives this guy a pass. And turn into a mini ArmA community when you disagree with them.

This is my last post about GB because frankly it isn't worth the typing time. It's outdated itself due to its length of time in production. the ArmA series , Insurgency,Squad COD and the Battlefield series and probably every other game that is military based has already done anything this title will ever due. It will bring nothing new to the genre. To act like it will is either blind devotion or being completely naive.

every so many years they show off a "not ready technical preview" that never seems to ever get past that stage. Everyone flips out about what it might someday become even tho it shows nothing new or original. They will have a long way to go just to get somewhere near ArmA and what that community offers in addons.

With that all said I think these new guys programing for GB are the best thing that could have happened to the title. It definitely has a chance at being decent with their input because let's be honest Mr Sondecker sucks at building games. he should stick to being an artist . I think he is in it to pay his rent and thats about it..

Having illusions of Grandeur is fine. I mean Christian Allen failed at it as well. But he got a product to market and when it failed he eventually took responsibility for it's failure.I can respect that. Mr Sondecker should instead of worrying about me "ranting" about GB just do his job and prove me wrong. Not for me but for the people around here who still think he's worth the wasted time.

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There it is!!!!!

Send me your address.... I'll ship you a free Ground Branch T-Shirt just so you can remember me since you won't be following the game anymore. :)





I could have done a better job for a T-Shirt

this.... just....makes....me...wanna...


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why has his off hand got a trigger finger anim?

Just a lack of animations at the moment. The MP5 is actually using the M4 motions right now and that one has the offhand index finger out along the rail when in lowready.

Weapon specific animation work has just begun yesterday. :)

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