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Hey Everybody,

Just joined your little community, hope this is posted in the right place? if not feel free to move it to its correct place.

I have never played on line through a PC, only on Xbox. I have had a look around and am impressed by the amount of work people have done to keep this game alive. I am going to purchase GR:AW 2 in the next couple of days and look forward to meeting some of you online.

I wont be able to play for probably another month as the guy in the computer shop told me it would be better to save a little more money up and get more bang for my buck I suppose you could say.

I am probably going to need quite a bit of advice and guidance, so any comments or tips are most welcome!



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Just jump in with both feet...you'll pick it up quickly, right now, only coop games can be played, but the number of servers jointing in is growing, and more players are getting involved. After some more growth, like you joining in, TDM will pick up too, which is my favorite games. In case you don't know, coop is where one or more players compete with the program against computer enemies. TDM is "team death match" with their are two teams competing against each other, fighting. You need at least 2 players active, 1 per team, and usually up to 32 plalyers, 16 on each team. The number of players is dictated by the server. I prefer fighting against real people in TDM instead of against computer generated enemy, in this game, your at the mercy of the programmer and his conieving ability to insert enemy anywhere and at any time, to make this game more challenging. Both are ok....

Hope you enjoy the game and play often.... :gun:

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I played both GRAW 1/2 on xbox 360 a long time ago, still have a go now and then, It is really only the CO OP missions I ever play, I like to be more tactical and maybe go a bit slower.

I cant believe how much work people have done for the PC version, I cant wait to get started but I am getting a new pc to do some CAD work, I will also be doing a little work with Illustrator and 3D work in Rhino, and was going to do some gaming in between, I am glad I thought about Ghost Recon and found you guys.


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hello...i played OGR from the time it first came out, and then GRAW, until 2011 when i left to play WoT (which after 4 yrs and almost 35000 battles has become the biggest waste of time in my life). id really like to come back to the GHOST RECON community but the issue is that of being soooo far out of touch w what's going on i don't know where to turn.

if theres anyone out there who would be interested in helping an old operator get back online id appreciate if you could get in touch w me at Praetorian.Omega6@yahoo.com

Gny Prae

Brothers in Honor...Commander Lamp

Phoenix Soldiers...Commander Doppelganger

Alpha Squad...Commander Chavez

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Hi Praetorian, plenty of help here to get you back on line, and better done in the forum than by email because others can benefit from thr discussion too ;)

Do you have GR, IT and DS installed? That's the first thing, if not, I suggest grabbing them from steam.

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