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Squad: Steam Greenlight Announcement Trailer

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Several months ago, I watched a playthrough with a YT producer and a couple of the devs.

The devs explained a fair bit about the engine they are using and some game mechanics.

I was impressed. If it has a good SP campaign, I'm interested.

If it has mod tools and co-op I'm all in.

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We did it!

On behalf of the entire team we thank you all who have voted us, and being part of the excitement that helped get Squad Greenlit.

Be sure to keep up to date with us on our main website, and social media pages. We will be showing off more exciting stuff in the very near future.

Squad Development Team

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I know and I love it I just gotta factor in when to buy it is all lol something always seems to come up prior to me remembering to buy it. Example I just Bought Fallout 4 so my gaming allowance is depleted lmao.

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