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GDC 2015 Vault Session: Gaming Habits of Teen Girls

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Curiosity, Courage and Camouflage: Revealing the Gaming Habits of Teen Girls

Speakers Ashly Burch and Rosalind Wiseman will share results and assessments of a national survey of both girl and boy gamers showing the use, attitudes and impact of gaming on young people's social lives. The presentation will further share female players' opinions on character representation and storyline in relation to their own experience playing a game. Do they feel represented in the characters and story lines? Do they want to be? How does the sexualization of female characters affect them, if at all? How do they feel about the current landscape of female characters in games? What games make them feel most inspired and engaged? In addition, the opinions of boy players will be shared about female representation, as well as their opinions of the gaming habits of their female peers.
Highly recommended! Burch and Wiseman have collected very insightful data that may come as somewhat of a surprise to many of us. Their presentation is as entertaining as its content is enlightening, steering well clear of the muddy depths of any "gamergate" swamp with constructive concise objectivity in a healthy mix of humor and sobriety. Again, I highly recommend watching the entire presentation. It's well worth it.
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Yo Jeza I love you man!!!! lmao I was joking tho. I have a 10 yr old daughter who would love to play a female character that doesn't either look like a hooker or have Dog The Bounty Hunters wife's tits lol

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