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Heroes Unleashed no BlackOps in MP CO-OP


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Greetings All,

I read the interview of HU with Apex and downloaded the version. After installing I was it was truly awesome to behold. Although a late comer to the game itself by 7+ years I think I can appreciate what this game is about. I see years of replay-ability in this MOD.

For some reason I cannot get the BlackOps to show up in MP.

"Launch a multiplayer co-op game, set it to "Elite" difficulty, random maps, no respawn, no threat indicator, no IFF, no time limit, select the "Black Ops" game type and the "Joint Force (Co-Op/Solo)" soldier config, pick from the dozens of player characters and the hundreds of weapons, and just get going. I think you'll know what I try to achieve soon enough. :)"

Is the above statement still true?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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HEY then you will love stoping by AOG we run 2 Dedicated servers the AOG2 runs Heros on it detail on our servers is located in our forums http://aog.boards.net/ There is also a TeamSpeak server IP same as AOG1 Dedi....ALL mods we use is in our downloads page or most but the SK and OFCGR mods are located here on this site....Hope 2 c U on the battlefield

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