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Thread links from Google are diverted to Adult sites.

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Over the past couple of weeks the amount of spammers here on the main forums has increased dramatically, before we were getting around 2 or 3 a month but now it's anything up to 10 per day.

While Rocky is busy finding a solution to the problem posted here I'm battling to keep the spammers from our door.

I hate these ing spammers!

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Okay I have been at it for ages cleaning out old files and following instructions to try and resolve this.

I did a test myself, and there was no re-direct.

Can someone else try and replicate? Fingers crossed the issue is gone.

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Okay, I managed to replicate and record what happens with fraps!

This confirmed two things

1. Before the browser is redirected to the adult friend finder, these forums are loaded. This tells me that the re-direct is IN the forums, and NOT a server hack.

2. When I tried with the default skin, no redirect, when I applied the "deviant" skin, I got the redirect. Need to test further to confirm this one. If anyone else can confirm it is only the blue deviant skin that is affected, we will be almost home and dry!

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The original website I got this forum skin from is shut down, but with some sleuthing, I found they have anew website, and there is a new version of this skin, so I will upload it, check it out, and if it works properly, we will move to it and see if that stops the re-direct.

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See if Privacy Badger can help you guys. you can blacklist sites you get redirected to and it should fix that issue from what I hear. Take a look at it at least and see if it helps. Stopped me getting ads from one site I visited appearing on other sites.


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